Wednesday, 24 March 2010


I got up to the fragrance of cat pee! Tosh will not go out in rainy weather and I cant say I blame him! He has a tray of cat litter in David's office! Any visitors sit at a desk under which is the offending tray! It was so bad this morning that I put on my storm gear ready to face the elements. Off I marched up to the top of the field carrying the tray at arms length. Once I'd washed it and refilled it with clean litter I could look at the day and despite the rain it is a lovely gentle soft Cornish morning! Everything is shooting out at top speed so I am now praying that we get the six new fruit trees in before the wind starts. The equinoctial gales last year knocked all the blossom off everything!
I got bare rooted trees again this year so they have to be protected until they are on the ground but it does mean I can unpack them without the weight of huge pots of soil. A lovely day to spend in the garden!
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