Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Helmets as weapons

Crispin is using his lampshade well. In the eternal battle between dog and cat it has proved extremely useful as body armour. Until yesterday this was a defence mechanism. If Tosh wanted to dive in and wallop Crispin on the nose as is his wont at times he found he couldn't do it. But yesterday the battle turned in Crispins favour at last. Tosh was spitting at him heartily for some reason best known to himself and all the dog did was to turn his head. The plastic helmet went with him and knocked the cat over! Both animals were clearly surprised by this and today we are in a whole new ball game. Tosh scoots hastily out of the way when ever Crispin appears! Shame he can't wear the lampshade for a long time. Though now I think of it!
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