Wednesday, 7 April 2010


We are now in a run up to an election and for the first time ever I have no idea who to vote for. Nor do I really care! I was shocked yesterday to find that one of my friends who was elected to parliament in 97 has been not only cheating the system but has involved his family in the deceptions! His mother I found had died last year without anyone telling me and I can only be glad that she hasn't witnessed his fairly spectacular fall from grace. He has been suspended for over a year and is not standing again. I think he may even have to face the courts. What on earth are we coming too? None of the parties have anything to offer which I can respect any more. I have always followed the debates in the run up to an election but this year I am too disillusioned to want to do that even! If people like my friend can start off with wonderful ideas for how to better society and to bring fairness to all people and then can end up lining his own pockets then who can be trusted Elections Bah!
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