Thursday, 13 May 2010

Funeral part two

A sudden rain storm completely drenched us all on the way to the church. Including the coffin with all its flowers! The verger had gone home to get his black shoes and failed to get back in time so I had rung my dear husband to hep us out and he got wet too! The sound cupboard had jammed so Glen Miller gave way to Handel's largo played on the organ! We did go out to "In the mood" so all was not completely lost! Then yesterday the whole country changed hands as we went into a coilition government! I am feeling fairly optimistic about this having seen the two leaders in action in the garden! Providing they both retain a sense of humour they seem to get on well enough!
Today is Ascension Day! Halleluia! We got the day off school for this in my younger days. Now I am just going off to church where no doubt there will be the usual suspects! Its love that makes the world go round mostly.
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