Wednesday, 9 June 2010


I took my dog to the vets this morning. I have been delaying because last time they didn't do as I asked them and a very stroppy girl lectured me on care of dogs! This time the receptionist who is an old friend got me another vet who looked at Crispins spot and pronounced that it really should be cut out..The spot has been a very small thing which my daft dog has worried into a large red angry cyst. He is eleven. I have always avoided surgery for my elderly animals but he is fairly sure that it needs to be done. Now Crispin is not in pain, is in fact quite comfortable with it. It's just me who fusses about it. I have got some steroids for him and will wait to see if that improves the situation. I met one of my flock done there who said I needed to go to church to pray for guidance! In the end we went for a pub meal to mull it over...Operation or no operation? I will wait to see what happens. But Crispin will be my last dog and I want his last year to be happy. If he was in pain I wouldn't hesitate. But I don't want him to die on the operating table.

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