Friday, 11 June 2010

Dark side

I rejected the advice of the vet as to what to do about Crispin. He is too old to undergo even a small procedure. I have taken advice from a friend who does radionic healing. This is definitely on the shadowy side of healing. I of course often use prayer in my daily walk through life but this is a rather esoteric choice for a priest. All I can say is that I will try it if it can save my dog from surgery. She came to look at him yesterday and took a clipping of his hair. This is something he's not short of. She then, using a pendulum over a chart tries to find an imbalance or something that is causing the problem. I have had several friends who are dowsers and would not reject the notion that such people do use one of the gifts of the spirit. Anyway this morning for whatever reason he was looking better. The itchy spot was less angry and he

had clearly not spent the night tormenting it. The steroids certainly played their part in this and I am happy to work with both medicine and the dark side...if together they can get my dog comfortable again then so be it.

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