Friday, 23 July 2010

Twurch of England

Its a daft crazy world we find ourselves in today . Not content with being in Facebook, for the last week I have experimented with twitter. Now this is a whole new ball game... You don't contact most people just post a comment and see if anyone picks it up and runs with it. Gradually people start to follow you and post remarks that you want to follow up. It's not as complicated as it sounds. Yesterday a whole new area opened up with the Twurch of England Twitter. It has bishops, churches, priests, curates and even Dioceses. My list of followers doubled over night. Most are very funny, not always intentionally. The whole thing is very interesting. There are the campaigners who are against almost everything but specially BP right now. The political ones are often vitriolic, particularly against the poor Condems! Lots of columnists join in and as you can only use 140 letters it has to be brief and concise, which is a wonderful exercise in economy. I am enjoying it so far!

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