Thursday, 19 August 2010

My husband the churchwarden

David and I met the first I turned up at his church wearing a pink clerical shirt.I was licensed to his parish just after my priesting. I was then a curate in two parishes. In the second parish I had been in place for just one week when the incumbent went off sick with depression. It wasn't cause and effect. David and I then spent much time together running the parish. We got close. My best friend came in from her parish and we got married one sunny Monday morning at St Just. There were just the church wardens and us. An ancient priest gave me away muttering that it was the only way he could think of to keep a curate in the parish. We all went out for lunch at one of the sea view hotels in St Mawes and then in the evening we all went to the PCC meeting.
Shortly afterwards my incumbent took early retirement and we spent the next two years running the parish together until thankfully a new bloke turned up and took the strain.
Now David has just retired a church warden so he is an ex warden as I am an ex curate. Strictly speaking I am now on PTO. Actually I am part of the local team, the dogsbody who the new incumbent has called the assistant priest.
I still do everything I always did and that makes me happy. Marrying my churchwarden caused ripples of amusement throughout the diocese but it makes me very happy.

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