Monday, 23 August 2010


My next door neighbour moved out of her home today. We were not close but I feel extremely sad for her. I remember only too well how lost I felt after the first David died, it was as if somehow my place in the world had gone along with him. If at the same time as mourning him I had also been told that I had to move house into something very tiny because it was all I could afford I would have been utterly bereft. I've just walked around my garden and looked at all the things she has had to leave behind, a beautiful summer house that her husband gave her before he died, the chicken run where I used to find him talking to his girls and reminding them to lay eggs! No one has touched the garden for two summers, he was too ill in his last years and the hedge has grown tall and thick with rose hips and crab apples. I find myself hoping that the next neighbours will leave it all intact for a little while. The worst thing is that my neighbour has now to leave Cornwall. She no longer has their boat, her children are a long way away and she is going to live nearer one of them . I just hope she's going to find some peace.

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