Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Techno rage

It's not really rage. It's more impotent frustration. It takes hold when things you use frequently with no problems suddenly fail to work. With us it only takes the merest flicker of electricity to effect the wifi net work severely. As we have overhead power lines and live fairly high up this can happen several times a week.
We know when it happens because a daft floating globe that I bought my husband for Christmas thuds to the ground when the power fails. We then dread trying out the web because we know there's usually a problem.
I have my computer, my iPhone, my iPod and my iPad all connected. My husband has his computer and his laptop.
When power has come back on very often at least one of our gadgets won't connect. When it's very bad it's all of them. Today I got on via my computer only to be knocked off moments later by being told another device was using it. My husband had switched his lap top on.
The solution is always to turn off the router and switch on again when it's not looking! Even after this one or other pod doesn't work properly. Agggghhhhhh.

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