Saturday, 4 September 2010

Grey Day

We have hardly seen Falmouth all day but a quiet day was the best bet once I'd got tomorrows sermon printed out. I am back in Gerrans tomorrow. The last time I did the 10am service there was Christmas day so it's long overdue.
Gerrans was my original parish, the one from which I was ordained so there's plenty of baggage. I know everyone far too well so I get surrounded from the moment I walk in which is good in many ways but doesn't give you much time for quiet reflection. Both church wardens were my friends long before I was ordained... We have history going back twenty odd years in one case.. The feeling of astonishment that I am now a visiting priest exists for both them and me. Who ever would have thought it. Here on the Roseland we have a small team and I am the dogs body. I visit all the parishes during the year and so know almost everyone.
Tomorrow is a little different though. I will be preaching to my son. I gave him and his partner my house in the village a year ago but they have only just moved in full time. It will be I think the first time he has actually been to one of my services. No doubt it will be even stranger for him than it is for me. But I can do this. With the help of God.

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