Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Helpful banking

I used to love my bank. It did have something to do with the fact that my husband had been a senior manager with them but they were a good firm to work for and they pulled out all the stops when he died suddenly.
Now it is a different story and it's not just one bank its all of them. They are all difficult.
I recently tried to change my passcode when I did on line shopping. Without Tesco Direct there are weeks when we would not eat so I use my cards a lot on line and am glad they are protected. The entire saga would take pages so suffice it to say that at one stage I ended up with about four passwords and had no idea which one they were asking for so kept getting locked out. The helpline was not good. Patronizing young things assumed I was too old and too dim and never actually listened to what I was trying to tell them.
I, fingers crossed ,hope I have now resolved that problem. Though I still have two pass codes .
Today was a different problem, different bank. Money I had tucked away in what was then a building society was needed. I hadn't touched the account for about five years and it was different. All the rules had wasn't even English!
I had it set up as a phone account with a passcode to enable me to transfer money from there into my current account. Easy it used to be!
This morning all I got from the phone was that I had to put my card number into the phone. I don't even have a card! Not for that account any way. After a frustrating few moments I got a real human being. He asked me for my card number and then told me that nothing was possible without it. Nearly at screaming pitch now.....I am not dragging you lot through the whole thing but I am told that my account is now wonder they don't want me to use it!
I have to go back into Truro and talk to the people in the bank. Not sure which day I am going in next week but I may have to ask for prayers for that day. Not for me but for the other person at the receiving end.

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