Tuesday, 7 September 2010

New neighbors

Our new neighbors are taking the place of a dearly loved man who died last year and his bereaved and stunned wife. They are working on it before moving in. I called around to see them yesterday and they were very young and very pleased with their first real home together. I am due to marry them the year after next so they are not rushing.
This morning the tractor arrived. By lunch time the whole landscape on their side had changed. Several large trees were uprooted . A digger joined in the fun. We can now see into a garden that was a mystery until now. In fact we can see for miles...it's a lovely view.
The hen pen has gone. That means the cats absorbing hobby of chicken gazing has gone too.
We are hoping for an Olympic size swimming pool. Plus a bar and possibly a snooker room. I am not being as sarky as I sound. We have had plans for a snooker room in our barn for the last four years. Our sons have given it up as lost but their interest will awaken now.
Change is a fact to life. The old order gives way etc etc. We can see now what is happening next door. Before we had to rely on our ears!

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