Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Sun power soon please

The trip to the bank this morning was successful. My account is not dormant any more and I managed to extract some money from them. But not until I produced my passport and a bank card. It's a strange world we live in now and this feeling was heightened by some strange happenings on Twitter which had been hacked into during the morning.
We are increasingly living in a technical world which would have been entirely incomprehensible even a short time ago. But the stuff which I enjoy and which makes communication so easy is also the stuff that encourages fraud and theft by online geniuses.
And it all needs fueling. All this electricity which keeps our computers running has to come from somewhere and a world with no TV, no iPods etc is now unthinkable, so the news that they are working on a way to produce electricity by using sun light is just what we need. We did have solar heating in our first house and they are making strides with heat from deep in the ground so sunlight to fuel electricity would be an answer to a prayer . Let's hope it comes to fruition before we use all our oil.

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