Saturday, 11 September 2010

Trees with bad hair cuts

Off I went this morning to do a mornings prayer and reflection at St Just. I came back very happy and tranquil helped by using taize on the iPad. I got home to the entire fence down one side looking as if the barber had definitely got up with a grudge.
I have new neighbors. The old ones were just that and their garden had been sadly neglected. The new young ones tore out trees and shrubs during the week and I had a word with them on the subject of leaving the hedge as a wind break.
This is not a short garden hedge. This is almost 100 yards of fence.
I know the new neighbors. Their mother is a friend and I had asked them to please leave as much of the hedge as they could. They said it was just going to be trimmed!
This trim has taken at least half of it down. They used cutting machinery and did it from a tractor....the result is that all my fruit trees have now no protection against the fierce winds that buffet us for much of the year.
The worst was that they have also cut down our hedge. The one I have prevented our Gardner from trimming back for the last four years....
It's not the best way to build a good neighborly relationship.

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