Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Village life.

This year both of my husband's sons and my son have come to live fairly close. Today David was lunching with his son at one of our excellent hotels through the leafy lanes and I thought I might take my son to the pub in the village that was my local before I got married again.
I didn't make it in the end but my son went to the pub in his own and rang me when he got back.
"mum everybody knows you!".
Well of course they do but he thought it was just church members not the local boozers as well.
As it happens one of the village clubs is named after's an investment club but it's main function is to see just how much everyone can drink in a night.
For a small village there is a lot going on. For a fee of five pounds you can go to the pictures once a week, join in lots of Bingo games, go ballroom dancing, play snooker, they even have a writers club. And of course I know more or less everyone. When I became an ordinand they were supportive in a way I did not expect.
He then went on to tell me the names of all those he had met today. Friend or foe was what he wanted to know? But I had to break the news to him that they were all foes in my job...which is just as it should be. I liked living in a small village but it's not for everyone. You have to be very very careful. There is a saying here that someone rings a bell every five years and they all change partners. And it's nearly true. You walk a tightrope not knowing who has been married to who and indeed who fathered who. If you can negotiate your way through this you've cracked it.

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