Friday, 10 September 2010


It's been back to normal at Tregear Vean today. By normal I mean that it's blowing a hooley. I had a walk around the perimeter of our field earlier with the gardener John, trying to persuade him that wind cover was far more important than tidiness. He was more interested in keeping all the plants under control. The hedge on one side is a typical Cornish hedge with stone under all the wild flowers.
On the other three sides it's shrubbery now nicely thickened to give us a wind barrier. At this time of the year it's full of sloes and blackberries and is very beautiful with rose hips, huge and red. It is in the middle of the rose bit that my new neighbors have torn a large hole. They mistook die back for death. It's an easy mistake to make. Just was well they don't see many old people.

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