Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Funerals and directors

Now lost two blogs on funeral directors. Not sure why. Maybe someone somewhere doesn't like a blog with humor on a delicate subject but there are times when laughing saves the day..indeed I have had an agreement with one of our directors that a sense of humor is an absolute necessity in difficult circumstances.
He is very Cornish and used to pay me in used readies but we have gone into the twentieth century recently with the advent of cheques.
Once by an open graveside he passed me a photograph of the love of his life. It was a large boat he'd acquired in settlement of a bad debt.
Last night he asked me to do a funeral for a man I knew had died almost two weeks ago. I asked him where the coffin was now?
" Oh Jean." He said. "I am a bit embarrassed right now." I waited.
"You see." He was very hesitant. "There's no room in the fridge at the moment."
Ah. I see. We talked about the other priest whose service it is as the deceased had been born a Catholic
"But you know the wife. And more important she knows you."
So OK I agreed to go along and it was only after he'd gone that I realized he had not answered the question about the body.
I do hope the poor mans not still at home.

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  1. My mother used to tell the funny story about the black funeral director in a small town in the Southern US. They would take a body as soon as someone died, but they wouldn't bury it until the family (or someone) could come up with the money to pay for the funeral. He used to say that he usually has several bodies "in the vat". I presume it was a vat of formaldehyde. It made for some interesting experiences trying to fish the body out after it had been "in the vat" for a couple of weeks.