Friday, 1 October 2010

Garlic or no garlic?

We have had a truly wonderful day. Which has left me with a small ethical dilemma. We drove to a very beautiful cala where I had the best swim in warm sea ever. The Mediterranean gets bad press but its very beautiful and clear.
But that's not the dilemma. Then we went off to find food. We were both hungry and there was only a shack on the beach where I swam so off we went to the next cove where we remembered there was a good place to eat.
And there was. He had a beer, me a sangria and we looked at the menu whilst overlooking a beautiful inlet with white boats tossing on small waves..
We then ordered our food. Mussels in white wine.
They brought us the usual olives, bread and ailioli to start the meal. David frowned at the ailioli as he always does and said he didn't like garlic.
And that's the dilemma.
He told me he didn't like garlic before we were married and for a while I stuck to it. But there are some dishes that demand garlic...they just don't taste the same without. So I added a litle...not much. And he ate everything I gave him with relish. I did try telling him once that when we were abroad most meals had garlic in but he didn't really believe me.
Today the mussels were wonderful. But of course they had garlic in them. You could smell it from the other side of the that's it. Do I spoil all our meals out here by giving him the brutal truth or just keep up a polite fiction.
You may be wondering if he reads this but no....he's is not into social net working so the secret is safe... For the time being.
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  1. Tell him the truth Many years ago my future son in law used to say I don't like garlic and like you I use it a lot. When he went home to his mums after eating at our house she used to say to him that he had been eating garlic and she would tell him she could smell it. This went on for quite a time until he confronted me. I confessed. Now he loves anything with garlic in it or on it. xx