Thursday, 14 October 2010

Home tomorrow

Our last day here and we have more or less packed. Our wagons ready for rolling. It's been a day of heavy rain and the brilliant sun. We went to one of our favourite places for lunch and I found a shop which sold small padlocks.
At some time on our troubled journey out one of the locks off my suitcase disappeared. Nothing was taken so it remains a mystery. I felt very pleased to get a replacement only to find that it's too big so the case will have to go home without full protection.
We really have had a lovely holiday and we do know how lucky we are.
When we get back I shall be busy as always but I enjoy that. Hoping crispins still ok. He is an old dog now so I worry every time we leave him.
The flight tomorrow is at a civilised time during the day which makes a change for us. Fingers crossed it goes smoothly this time.

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