Wednesday, 27 October 2010

a sort of an apologia

I have been conscious of a certain amount of feeling generated recently about my financial status so let me make it clear. By most peoples standards I am not actually rich but I am certainly comfortable. I started from a very poor family indeed and I only made it through further education by working every holiday and the odd ten bob note from my granny. I have worked the whole of my life and now have a pension. I married David five years ago and he also has a pension, a rather better one than mine since he became a company director having started at the bottom. We both have savings which we are using to be able to travel and do things we were never able to whilst we were working. I am also still working though not full time anymore.
I have never been paid for what I do in the church and nor would I want to be. Being a priest is a privilege and not taking money even in the form of expenses is my contribution to life and to God. We have a house with no mortgage and I recently gave my house in the next village to my children. David is over 80. We take our holidays with joy but we know that even next year we may not be able to manage it.I
love all my techno toys. I know that I am a very lucky woman and in the face of this desperate economic climate I am aware that I might appear to be one of the idle rich. I am not and hopefully never will be. I feel desperately sorry for those who are going to be affected by the cuts. my time as a single mum was a desperate fight for survival. Now I help in the only way I know listening and by loving all those in need of any kind.
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