Monday, 22 November 2010

Clergy dogsbody

Yet another lost post!
This one was about our clergy meeting today We are a small team here on the Roseland of which I am the dogsbody, and I may say happy with that description. During a long interegnum I had experience of running this parish and I know what hard work it is. Now it is with great relief and gratitude that I find myself as a willing helper to cover other people when they are away and generally help out most of the time, giving my colleagues some easier Sundays than they might have.
We have someone on sick leave right now so I have been very busy and today's meeting in the local pub was pitched just about right for me. We talked , had a glass or two and then lunch.
Then the real meeting started as we adjourned to another place! We have now worked out the rota till Easter! The fact that I am away for 5 weeks in Jan and Feb fills me with Protestant guilt but David and I have to do this whilst we are still able to. Who knows what next year might bring?
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