Thursday, 25 November 2010

Enjoy the snow!

All the reports of snow, either having fallen or about to fall have reminded me of the joy that was living in North Wales. On our first year there it snowed every day for the whole winter right through till April. Some times it was only a very small amount but we stayed below freezing for most of the time and as our heating had a freeze warning system we used massive amounts of oil when we could least afford it.
I bought thermal underwear for us all and we wore it, even the precious teen age girl whose first snort of derision at thermal knickers gave way to shoving on everything she could lay her hands on.
Driving could be husband worked in Chester and got there late fairly frequently in all our winters. The school bus failed to get through so a Landrover was sent. On several occasions we dug our cars out of drifts only to find a sudden thaw on the roof had given way to big slides which covered them again moments later.
Our weekend were amazing. We lived half way up Moel Famau and cars stacked with skis and sledges passed our front door so we just had to join in. Lacking several sledges we used to climb to the top of a steep slope and throw a plastic sheet down and jump on, dog as well and slide till we ended trying not to land in the stream at the bottom Great fun! Quick scramble back up to the top and down we would go again.
On the day we were supposed to be moving to Essex our furniture van failed to turn up. It had got lost in the snow. The removal finally took place two weeks later and life was never the same again.
The only snow that fell in Essex was the sort that really was a nuisance and there was no where to use our one sledge and our plastic was too flat and we were too staid...
So enjoy it whilst you can..Here in Cornwall we have other ways of enjoying ourselves.

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