Saturday, 13 November 2010

Now trying it from the laptop

Five years ago I married my church warden. It had to be quiet because the congregations of four parish might well have arrived and we really didn't want either a fuss or any presents. There were just nine people there on a beautiful November morning.
My friend Julia came over to marry us as the previous incumbent was off sick and I was given away by the ancient priest living in the village.
The organist played appropriate music, the verger rang the bells and I promised to obey which took me as much by surprise as it did everyone else.
St Just in Roseland was extremely beautiful and we were blessed in every way. We had a small luncheon party in a hotel looking out to sea and drank pink champagne on the terrace.
That night we went to a PCC meeting and had more chanppagne . Perfect in every way.  We are both praying for another five years now.  DV

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