Monday, 1 November 2010

Tax rant

I fancy a good rant today. So there are several things exercising me this morning. Mostly my tax returns. Damm it I pay a lot of tax and have just been informed that I have been underpaying for two years! They intend to take all of this back in the next year. But is it my fault?
I have no tax forms to fill in.. I have no stipend to consider. I have one pension plus the state pension which pretends it's tax free but it all then goes onto the other one.
So I rang the tax office which is for me, in idea why and I talked with a lovely Liverpuddlian lass who was very apologetic. Why, I asked her am I being penalized for your mistake and in any case where it says reason for this statement is set out in the separate sheet it's not, It's blank.
She struggled and finally informed me that my age related allowance had been over estimated and they had to get it back.
For two years? Why could they not have found out at the end of the year in question then my back tax liability would not have been so huge.
Now the first David used to talk to Bootle regularly and always got money back from them. I clearly lack his gifts in this department. I failed.
I took the wind out of the young ladies sails though by reassuring her that I was not trying to get out of paying my tax. That indeed it was the way a civilized society was able to support those who were unable to earn money. And I really do mean it. It's just that they shouldn't have let it run for two years before spotting it! Rant over. Feel a little bit better now.

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