Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Whistle stop tour of the Bible

This morning I went to school. We have a tiny school under threat of closure here so being a school governor keeps me on my toes at every meeting. I had been asked to talk to the top class about the Bible. The exact words were, " We really need your passion on this one."
Erm, passion? Bible? The two words do not sit comfortably together for me but I said I would do my best.
I asked how many were in the class. Eighteen was all. They were at tables so I sat down with them where I could see them all and talked. The larger picture of the Old Testament I treated as a story about Abram and Moses. Kings and Prophets were thrown into the mix. And then we moved on to the New Testament, the four gospels, the Acts and the Epistles.
Then I stopped to ask if they wanted to ask me questions. They did and they were very good questions too..they had actually been listening..
Their teacher then moved us all on to the differences between the various Christian denominations and again I was surprised by they way they understood about conflict between people for the sake of their religion.
At the end I was thanked profusely by the children and the teacher and was startled to hear her description of what I'd said
"Thank you so much for giving us a whistle stop tour of the Bible."
Not quite sure that that was quite what I'd been aiming at but the kids were so full of earnest enquiry and had taken on board everything I'd said that I came home happily aware of time well spent. Even if they don't come to Church very often.

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