Sunday, 26 December 2010

Christmas magic.

Yesterday, Christmas day was full of unexpected gifts. Quite apart from the proper presents which were wonderful and beautiful there were several moments of magic which made it a Christmas to remember. My husband and I were going to different churches. His was close at hand, mine was several miles away through narrow icy lanes. He went out to start his car and then came back to tell me how bad it was outside and that I should set off in plenty of time.
I went out to clear the ice from the windscreen to find that he'd done it for me. It was a small thing but it meant a lot.
So I got to church fairly early and helped to set it up. The church yard was magical in itself and the sound of the organ as I walked up the longish path was reassuring. Our organist there only knows six carols but they were all perfect.
Two minutes before the start there were just three of us there.It was not looking good so we waited. Our faith was then justified in a most unexpected way......families poured in. Children appeared and it really was some sort of miracle. Beaming rosy faces full of the joy of Christmas took up their positions in the pews.
Who ever would have guessed ?
We sang our carols. I scrapped the sermon and talked to the children about presents and the large one lying in the manger.
They all came up the altar rail for blessings.
Gosh I was a happy woman.
We went to one of our local hotels for lunch. I am not an alchemist..I can not conjure good food on Christmas day any more.
The food was excellent and I knew almost everyone in the room.
Then in walked an old friend I havn't seen for years! We used to walk our dogs together!
It was a wonderful Christmas dinner and then we went home to sleep. It was dark when we woke up but full of gratitude and joy. I will cook our duck today and we will see some of our kids. No church today.
Thank you God.
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