Friday, 21 January 2011

Cold or flu ?

Damnation! Sorry to offend your ears. But dam, dam,dam. I have now got a full blown cold. On the day we cross the equator. I have a limited number of cold cures here but I am hesitating to go to the medical centre in case they clap me in irons and keep me in isolation.
I did go for my flu jab but never actually felt the little prick( sorry) so I think the nurse may not have connected.
Out of courtesy to the other guests in did not go up to breakfast and we ate last night in the Tod English restaurant which was a complete waste for me as I found nothing apart from the soup that I wanted.
The young man who looked after us in the dining room was the head waiter and he greeted us with obvious delight. How can he remember us when over the year he must have met hundreds?
David has brought me some juice and a banana. We shall go down to the lecture this morning where I will sit at the back ready to escape. I doubt we shall go to the equator party! Dam!

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