Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Huge waves

We are now traveling through a huge storm. We went to the theatre this morning in flat seas. We listened to Lembic Opik wax lyrical about avoiding meteorites and felt the surge beneath us grow until as we left the theatre it gusted and blew several people over.
Since then it's got steadily worse and the captain is advising us to avoid walking about too much and then use the hand rails. Outside the sight of it is magnificent. Huge waves are rolling and breaking and we feel like part players in Moby Dick!
Packing is proving a challenge. We have both fallen over trying to get our stuff ready for disembarkation. Luckily the bed has caught us both times.
We have to have our cases outside our cabin door before midnight so tonights dress code is elegant casual. Not sure how elegant boat shoes and parkas are going to be!
Our stay on the Queen Victoria is coming to a dramatic close. Let's hope the denouement doesn't take anyone by surprise.

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Location:Alter Elbtunnel,Hamburg,Germany

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