Thursday, 20 January 2011


Life on board has taken on it's own rhythm and timing. Everyone speaks to everyone else and hopes they have a good day. We don't have as many trips off shore as we did on the last epic journey but the ship provides many diversions and just to be able to sit quietly without the phone ringing is magic.
I'm quite good at sitting still. I have lots to do with me but just to sit on deck watching the waves roll and the white horses prance is often enough.
I woke up during the night coughing and am still Hacking away! Something on the tropical air has started off my asthma! With any luck it won't last long. There are only two places where I've lived that left me free from allergic reaction. One was North Wales and the other is of course beautiful Cornwall.
Cunard has taken many precautions to stop the spread of any bugs. We are sprayed with gel on entering any eating place so the sight and sound of me coughing for Britain is not going down too well. I have to keep reassuring people that Im not going to give them anything.
Not sure they entirely believe me!
Tonight we are eating with the friends we made on the QV. Hope I don't cough all over them!

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  1. Could be the spraying which is causing the coughing. Though more likely to be the constant chanes of temperature and atmosphere. Hope it doesn't spoil things for you.
    Take care.