Sunday, 23 January 2011

Salvador and gems

This is a beautiful place. Miles of wonderful beaches full of singing people playing football or volley ball as they went. Being Sunday lots of children and parents crowded the streets and parks. Some lovely old churches stood open after mass and we felt much the same as we do in Madeira. Content. My cough persists so we travelled by coach and taxi. A very earnest young man wanted to take us to look at some gems.
No I said.
Very cheap he said.
Complimentary coach he offered.
He persisted. I resisted. David was astonished. His wife turning down a chance to go and look at gems!
It was just too reminiscent of a time when in Sri Lanka I had been abducted in a tuc tuc. We were supposed to be looking at elephants. Instead we ended in a tiny shop where it was made clear that I had to buy stones.
I was frightened. On my own on the first day of the holiday. After a long time I bought gems. A lot of them. Cost me a fortune. Then they dumped me in the middle of Columbo to find my own way back to the hotel. I still wear some of the jewelry I had made when I got home but there was no way I was ever going to be trapped again like that again.
We came back to the ship. And slept. Much safer.

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