Monday, 24 January 2011

Still coughing

My cough persists but so does everyone elses. The most annoying thing about it is that I have yet to have a swim. I can't risk getting any worse. I can still get about and tomorrow we are going up river to see the town in Rio de Janeiro. David has also got a cough but his isn't too bad and of course he has not been to the doctors. Well he is a bloke.
I had a wander round the ships shops earlier wondering about presents for people at home. Nothing appealed and I was coming out when I was engaged by some words from an elderly man to his wife who was methodically sorting through heaps of blouses.
" I could have sworn we came in here for some talcum powder " he said. His wife ignored him and carried on her quest. So he turned to the assistant
"Does anyone ever buy any of these things ? " he asked looking at all the tropical wear hanging around.
The young lady was bemused by this question and was still searching for the reply when he struck again.
"I mean we spend a fair bit of time in here and nothings ever been sold while I'm here."
I had to leave. The poor man had, was and will be suffering. He had to find some way of relieving it! But at least he wasn't coughing!

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