Friday, 7 January 2011

Stormy seas

Our second night on the boat and it was rough! The wind was whistling sounding as the hound of the baskervilles would arrive at any moment. The lift of the rollers made lying in bed quite difficult. I really thought I was going onto the floor several times. However it's flattened down now and I've got my sea legs back. I think.
We have found nice people to talk to at dinner which is always good and we are finding our way around the boat. We spotted Lembic whats his name. Opec or something like that and we assume him to be a lecturer. Got to find some employment after losing your seat!
We are going to a lecture later on the Profumo affair but I suspect that everything has already been said on this subject.
The lectures are not dull, are informative and sometimes very funny so we pick and mix!
Apparently the Prescott lecture did not go with quite the swing they were hoping for.
Internet access is available via the wifi here but is fairly expensive so I am limiting myself. Coverage may be spasmodic!

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