Sunday, 13 February 2011

Facebook angst.

At my age I should now be aware that people enjoy a good old row. Course they do, it gives us the chance of airing our views or listening to other people discussing theirs.
So why am I surprised by the row that is simmering away in this beautiful part of the world.
I can not say what it's about or who is stirring who but I can say that it makes me very sad.
And what is really sad is the extent to which social net working is being manipulated by those people who want everyone else to sympathize with them. They are pleading their cause by flooding everyone with messages and asking for support in a situation in which there can be no winners just losers.
I am fairly sure that the laws of libel must hold good on Facebook. So maybe some caution would be a good thing.
This row was in full swing whilst I was away and I got dragged into it the night that I arrived back when I was still very tired and jet lagged.
It's escalated since then and the destructive urge to manipulate is now reaching the heights of hysteria.
My position is to stay out of it if I can. People are asking me use my links with the community to try to find out just what is being said. I can't. We are talking about people I know well and love. I have no wish to presume on my position here to try to find out what is being said by whom. I have to stay out of it all.
That's easier said than done but I have to try. but beware of social networking. If used negatively it can be a tragically powerful tool.

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