Friday, 18 March 2011


Of course it's good news that the UN have instituted a no fly zone over Libya and have given us permission to bomb them but it has filled me with foreboding. Gaddafi must go before he kills his own people but please let us be careful with any military action. Have we forgotten Iraq? The toppling of Saddam was good news but we little realized how long the battle would last and how many people would be affected. And it's still happening!
Our troops are in Afghanistan already. Week by week we are bring them home in body bags. Do we really want to open up another military front?
I organized a day of prayer that we should not fight a war in Iraq. But it happened and it was far worse than anticipated.
I have heard the protestations that we will only play a small role in it this time and I pray that Cameron doesn't try to outdo Blair. The innocent are all too easily dragged into conflict by both sides.
And we all believe that God is on our side...

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  1. Jean, the problem is that with planned Defence Cuts, we will be lucky to have sufficient strike aircraft available to make any more than a token commitment.

    The decision to scrap our aircraft carriers and harriers means that we lack a sea-going flight platform. As well as the scrapping of two Tornado Squadrons, I am not sure we actually have any aircraft not committed to the Afghan conflict, even if we do, the Squadrons are probably on leave or stand down after returning from a tour.

    I don't advocate war, but without a deterrent, the Government has left the UK Home Base vulnerable, let alone meeting commitments to NATO or the UN.

    I am glad that I have retired and no longer in the system. My spouse works for the MOD and was kept on the hook for nearly a year to find out if she will actually have a job after next March. At the moment it seems she will, but who knows what more cuts will be required by then.

  2. Thanks for that. You have much more experience in this field which makes it doubly welcome!