Friday, 4 March 2011


Coincidence happens in my life more times than I can ever count. I now prefer to think they are little hints from God. A sort of ethereal bookmark pointing the way. This week is a case in point. At the Service of the Word I did last week we talked about the childhood of Jesus. As part of this I dug up some old legends about Jesus coming to Cornwall. Both congregations loved the stories.
This week has been busy and I am following different themes for Sundays sermon.
But yesterday I got a call from a nun. Sister Anunciata who lives inland from here. She has been visiting an old lady who has now become desperate to find a book she had read as a girl. It was called "Jesus in Cornwall".
The Irish nun said the old lady had bought it at St Just in Roseland and wanted 6 copies. She could afford them. It cost two shillings. Had we got them?
Well no we hadn't any. I explained this and we went on to have a long conversation on this subject. What is extraordinary is that until last week I'd hardly given the subject a thought and now it's cropping up all over the place. Coincidence? Synchronicity? Bookmark?
The nun left me with a thought. If the book is not available any more maybe I should write one. It is an idea but sadly it would cost more than two shillings!

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