Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Big brother time?

I've been out all morning giving evidence at an Industrial  hearing. That seems to be the reason for the blog bits being sent  that I blogged about yesterday, though they were never actually referred to in my hearing. Who said what to whom is not important and neither is the reason for the hearing or its outcome. What is extraordinary is that someone who had rung me up a little while ago was able to recount a private conversation I had had with my husband after the call.
The chairman of the meeting found this strange thing when he was going through a log of various calls.
The first one was of 5 minutes the second was for one minute. There was one unanswered call and then another one of 17 minutes.
I could not account for the last one at all.
The person in the room who had made the calls told everyone present quite happily that after ringing and getting no answer she had listened to what was being said in the room!  How is this possible?
She really had heard  because she was able to tell me what was said...fortunately nothing untoward!  But I had had no idea that this was possible until today....If you ring and the phone is not answered how can the caller hear what is said in the room.....for 17 minutes!
Is this the start of the ever intrusive society getting out of hand? Are we all under some sort of supervision?  Who knew?
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