Saturday, 9 April 2011

Blogging danger.

It seems I have a much larger readership of this blog than I ever imagined. I take it as a massive compliment that someone has taken the trouble to copy and paste much of what I've written over the last months.
I was told that someone had hacked into my Face Book account and that did bother me so I went in and improved my privacy settings so that now only friends can read my posts.
I usually only put the link to this blog on Twitter, preferring more local comments to be on Facebook. This blog covers a much wider set of experiences than status posts.
I shall not stop of course.  I stand by everything I've written in here and feel it sad that some people try to make mischief where none exists.
None of  us like to think that we have been let down by friends. But hey! I now have the sort of readership I never dreamed of so who am I to complain!
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