Monday, 4 April 2011

Brown paper packaging?

Sometimes you just want to give advertisers a bit of advice.  Like the rest of the world my email post bag is now huge with at least half of it from people who want to sell me something. The title has to give a rough description I suppose but usually I just reach for the delete button. The Mac computers label anything suspect as junk and is therefor printed in brown. Sometimes the coloured stuff  can be important like the one from a young bride who had asked me an important question the week before her wedding. I never got it. It had been put into the trash can because it was brown.
Even the ones that Mac does not eschew often shout out to be deleted. The people who keep offering me  free credit checks just irritate but the ones who earnestly want to help me out of my debt problems infuriate. I have no debt. At my age the mortgage was paid off years ago!
There are people offering me all sorts of solutions for dog ailments and then there is free legal advice!
Sometimes people I have ordered from before send E mails giving me golden opportunities, free cruises, weekend breaks at cut price rates etc.
But you know all this because we all, I suspect get the same sort of stuff every single day!  And if not why not? I don't want to be the only one!
Other companies feel they have to advertise their services as part of the advert.  Even I wanted to, am I going to buy Viagra from a company who call themselves Drugs by Post?
When I do subscribe I usually regret it. You had to see the smile on the postman's face as he delivered me a package with the name across the front.
Sally at Ample Bosoms please take note.  I do not need that sort of advertising.
There will be no more packages.   Brown paper is a dead give away!
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