Saturday, 30 April 2011

Busy but happy.

This morning I had to catch up after missing a day yesterday. For a start it doesn't actually feel like Saturday at all. All these holidays have conspired to make it feel out of sync, a bit like jet lag!
I usually write the bulk of the sermon on Friday but not this week. So I set off feeling virtuous and motivated this morning but the interruptions stopped all that. Tesco delivering the food was a welcome intrusion but it took a while to put away and then to resume the thread.
Phone calls came through and it took me till lunch time to get the sermon printed off.
This afternoon I did a wedding rehearsal for a couple who are marrying tomorrow but not by me. My colleague will get back in time to do the business.
They were a lovely couple and it was a pleasure.
On the way out of church there was a couple waiting in the porch that I married three years ago, complete with tiny baby..just three weeks old. Many hugs and kisses later I arrived home very happy , reflecting on the goodness of God. The sun's out. The garden's watered and I've done all the prep for tomorrow which turns out to be Sunday.
I start at eight am.

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