Monday, 25 April 2011

Gaga in the garden.

Every so often I experience a sudden rush of blood to the head.....not a stroke but an impulse to spend money! Having had a very quiet day today which is most unusual for a Monday I spent the morning tidying up the garden, full of immodest pride that the structure I saw in my mind's eye has now started to take shape in the previously bare field. The fruit trees are flowering, the Spring bulbs have finished, the roses have started to bloom early so what else could I do for it? I found three dead plants that have not survived the bad winter and ordered their replacements. Now what? The spending impulse had not yet been satisfied.
I wandered around wondering what it was that was missing.
I already had wind chimes hanging from the ancient chestnut tree. I had a sun dial in one corner. I had an original plinth from London Bridge, rescued by my husband during one of his building jobs.
An earnest young boy rests under a ceonotis now in full bloom.
Then I had it....inspiration! I googled a shop which sold garden ornaments and am now waiting delivery of a cast iron cat, a cast iron owl and fairy standing wind chimes. Oh dear.
Have I really gone gaga in my old age? My first husband would have shaken his head sadly...spending money has become much too easy now. He would not have approved at all, specially buying whimsy in the shape of cats and owls.
Still, its a big garden, plenty of room to lose them in if all else fails! Or to hide the desperate proof of my poor addled brain in its dotage!


  1. Never mind Jean. Better to have fairies at the bottom of your garden than bats in the belfry.

  2. When I saw the title I thought that Lady Gaga had joined Jeremy Paxman in your circle of celebrity friends over there!