Monday, 18 April 2011

I've got this tree.   I have actually got a lot of trees but this is one I am not sure about. I put it in four years ago and its grown. Its grown quite well but its leggy and not quite convincing.
Its hardy because its survived a winter which has killed off acacias and Cistus.  I bought it I think from the local garden centre and believed it to be an unusual sort of eucalyptus.
I was amazed this weekend to find on flowers that appear to be mimosa flowers They smell sweet and are really quite delicate.
Ive posted pictures of them on Twitter and even the twittarati have failed to agree on it. My son the gardner has pronounced that its not an acacia because the leaves are too prickly. I have looked it up in various books of plants but cant find anything that actually looks like it.

Any suggested welcomed.....but no more adverts for cheap trees please!
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