Friday, 15 April 2011

Local integration?

During a morning of people dropping in and out several people have complained about everything in the world but particularly,  this village and all those that live in it. I know the visitors are here in great numbers already which means a certain amount of parking angst but that's not really the problem . Several of my visitors have passed on to  me gossip of all kinds...back biting seems to the order of the day right now.
The problem is , do I refuse to listen to any of it? I will certainly not pass most of it on but some of it is valuable information....I do need to know what is being said locally about the people involved in the row that has simmered here for months.
This village is sharply divided into two separate group. The locals who were born here and who  deserve to be able to afford to live here. The second group are the incomers who have bought property and employ some of the first group. This lot, roughly categorised by the locals as, up from London, are often arrogant, often hard hearted towards those less fortunate than themselves. But they are the group who tend to actually run the place. They have retired and have the time to do things like run the various clubs and  become officers on the local PCC"s . Most of these are lovely people but there is a small minority who are difficult and when one family starts buying up property and businesses then a certain backlash is to be expected.
Its is very difficult. If you accused the locals of jealousy they would take massive umbrage and I can see why. If you accused the incomers of arrogance so would they, but a certain element of both of those exist.
I am still scarred by being dragged into a row about affordable housing which is I think in a small community a very welcome thing.
How ever by saying that on local radio I got attacked by almost everyone with an axe to grind. I even had a deputation arrive on my doorstep to give me the full facts.
There is another smaller group who also manage to make their voices heard. These are the people who own homes locally but are not here full time.
Some of them have arrived here for Easter having not been around since Christmas. Often they act as peace group and they succeed in bring the two extreme groups together.  There is nothing more guaranteed to bring two waring factions together as another group trying to get in on the act.
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