Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Morning at the hospital

It has been a wonderfully hot day. So naturally this was the day we had to spend the morning at the hospital. It was not too bad. As we arrived in the Fracture clinic I did tell my innocent son that everyone there had probably got an appointment at the same time as him. He only started to believe me when we'd been there a couple of hours. But they apologized. They had clearly had a sudden rush of accidental breaks and all the staff were polite, informative and even helpful. As this is a hospital that has suffered a very bad press over the years you could only admire their optimistic professionalism. My son now has a bright blue cast on his arm, needs no operation and simply has to get through the next five weeks without climbing the walls.
Parking is always hell. They have taken over nearby fields for the purpose but this leaves you with miles to walk. I still have bad memories of arriving too late for the last rites for a old friend. Some sort of priority system might work but it would I imagine be hell to work out.
We had a pub lunch and ate it in bright sunshine on the way home , grateful for the NHS and to God.

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