Friday, 8 April 2011

Precious memories.

I am having a lot of visitors at the moment. Everyone wants to talk weddings or Christenings. It must be the weather. The stream of visitors in and out of my room has reminded me of the great pictures in it that I hardly ever notice after being here for five years.
My husbands first wife was a local artist of real skill. We have very many of her pictures in our house and they are lovely. I can live in peace with them all. But in my room, my study, I have my pictures from my previous life and they all mean something to me...they are acquisitions from years of living in different places and some are very personal. Two of them are pictures bought when I still lived in Essex to remind me of the glory that was Cornwall. One of them is by a celebrated local artist who gasped when she came to pay for her daughters wedding and found one of her pictures on the wall.
The one that holds a special place for me is a dark blue painting of the sea with a stormy sky showing Hale Bop riding through the clouds. there is a hazy full moon and a small boat is riding out the storm.
It reminds me of one of the strangest and emotional moment of my life and of my first husband.
We had walked the beach one dark night looking up at the sky and saw the comet huge and glowing. He had looked at it and said
"Its come for me that comet." I laughed and said something like, don't be daft David.
He died suddenly the very next day. A heart attack not Hale Bop.
When I saw the picture in a local art shop I knew that I had to have it. I now treasure it but I am still not sure if my husband had some sort of premonition of his death. I do know though that he was not given to whimsy.
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