Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Quick drink?

I am wondering why it's so hard to find a small kettle. We have an upside down house. This is wonderful for panoramic views over the Fal and various castles and the boat traffic in and out of Falmouth. But having a sitting room up stairs has it's drawbacks. One of which is the ability to brew up fast. In the summer we keep cans of lemonade up here but in the winter and the Spring right now, a lovely hot cup of something would go down very well. There is quite a trek to the kitchen and then I have to carry the hot drinks back up the stairs by which time the will to live has waned quite a lot.
I looked for a small neat little kettle that will stow away in a cupboard to keep the room tidy.
One litre seems small now I've looked at the range. A one cup kettle is too small. There are two of us! Most seem to be a litre and a half. Many are even bigger. Why? We can't be so unusual surely?
Whilst I look for a neat two cup kettle we are driven to substitutes! Scotch goes down quite well as does wine but here is one of lifes paradoxes. We found a machine that will cool the white wine and warm the red wine. It's in our sitting room naturally. It's French. So it's easier to have a little tipple than a nice cup of tea. I can live with this but can my liver?

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  1. Possibly not Jean. But I like the sound of your experiment. Write a blog on it in ten year's time and let us know how you and your liver are.