Sunday, 17 April 2011

Welsh wedding.

Yesterdays wedding was an event. Not just because the couple were lovely or that they both made their vows in Welsh as well as English. The church was packed but that is usual for weddings. They brought their own organist from .Cardiff and as he sat down at the organ I uttered a silent prayer. It was answered. He produced wonderful music almost immediately. He then told me that actually he was a pianist and didn't play the organ much. Amazing sounds came out. Absolutely wonderful.
All went well and as we had the first hymn I realized that the congregation was more than half welsh and it showed. They sang! They sang well and lustily and in tune. The English on the whole don't sing. Not with their whole hearts and voices. I've got used to singing solos at weddings. Yesterday I was drowned out easily. Bliss!
During the signing of the register they had told me they had a choir but I was unprepared for the 40 or so young men who strode to the front of the church and sang traditional welsh songs guaranteed to bring a lump to my throat. Took me back to the land of my fathers and my welsh grandparents. I often have cause to thank God but yesterday was a real gift from Him.

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  1. I envy you, it sounds wonderful.
    As you say, the English however good their voices don't sing - you say, with whole hearts and voices - I would say, with their souls.
    Not that I'm prejudiced in any way.
    90% Welsh and 10% Cornish. Lucky me!

  2. This made me smle reminiscently. I too was used to having to lead the singing, especially in English parishes. My dear mother-in-law always comments on the strength of the singing when se visits us in Wales