Thursday, 28 April 2011

Why I shall watch the wedding.

I am vastly amused by all the disgruntled comments on the Royal wedding coverage. Until I made one myself of course, but then I often take up my stance a little belatedly.
When I was a young stroppy teenager who didn't believe in the Royals at all, to the point of not singing the National anthem on principle, life was simple.
I've come round since then for the most part.
I avoided the Coronation by going to watch Lancashire play cricket at Old Trafford and this was I think like jumping out of the frying pan into the the fiery furnace. The  cure was definitely worse than the event.
I started to enjoy watching royal things as a youngish mum...I had a health visitor of blessed memory who loved everything about the weddings and she came and sat watching something royal, in the guise of looking after me and the baby. I found that with her guidance I actually quite enjoyed the whole experience.
After that I did watch.  Princess Anne looked beautiful against all the odds.  Prince Charles and Diana's ill fated venture lives on in glory .  That was one to remember. After the actual ceremony we all walked to the top of the mountain in North Wales and great bonfires were lit as part of the huge chain of them travelling down the side of Britain. In the dusk we could see the lights as far away as Snowdon and groping our way down the mountain in the dark, slightly the worse for all the toasting we'd done  was an event never to forget.
This time the sweet young thing from next door would have liked a street party I think but as we are a collection of four houses miles from anywhere, only two of which are actually lived in it did seem a bit of a problem.
 My son is planning a long walk with a neighbour's dog to get away from the worst bits and all the local pubs have wide screen showings.  My husband is slightly surprised that I am going to sit down and watch...but I have a professional interest in weddings. I've done a lot over the last years and I shall enjoy watching someone else doing it. I don't need to know about the brides dress or hair, or her relations with everyone else there but the actual ceremony should be beautiful in a glorious settings so I shall have an enforced rest from writing the sermon...bring it on!
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