Monday, 30 May 2011

Bank holiday congestion?

Cornwall is busy at the moment, lots of people  on the roads and in the shops and pubs. I had to go to the next village this morning to collect my dog from my sons. Its a pretty easy road and usually no trouble at all. We have roads where its possible to pass other cars and then we have lanes where there are passing places. In the busy seasons I often go miles out of my way to avoid the lanes.  My reversing is not good.
This morning all was well, Crispin was asleep in the back seat having had a lively weekend. At the bit of road which leads down to an estuary and then climbs steeply up the other side there were cars by the side of the road. I stopped the car on a steep bit of bend and waited. Nothing happened for a while then a man came and said we would all have to reverse. The low loader ahead of us couldn't get up the hill.
I said something encouraging to myself and started to roll back.
"Its easy." said the man  walking alongside, "You just need to turn it in  a bit." I did turn it, straight into the hedge, There were now two idiots causing congestion. The low loader and me.
It got worse. The girl from the Range rover behind me jumped out and offered to help. Like a craven coward I accepted her offer, feeling bad at having to be rescued by another woman, several decades younger than me and looking gorgeous with it.
She tried, very hard to pull me out of the hedge...tyres screamed, and then there was the smell of burning...oh hell....
Eventually I was released from the hedge, got into my car and drove back home a few miles away.
My husband says theres nothing much wrong with the car he thinks...but he said it with a very big grin on his face!
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