Friday, 20 May 2011

Exotic random flowering.

John the Gardner has struck again! I went out to talk to him about trimming the top of a hedge in the next few weeks and trimming a tree that is obscuring a view. This made him a very happy man. Cutting things down and keeping everything under control is what makes him happy.
I love poppies. Their colour and exotic papery petals are wonderful and we had a lot here growing wild. He disapproves of "weeds" and has finally got rid of most of them. I have scattered seed given to me by people who know how much I value this plant. They took and were growing happily in a small paved area. Gone now....he tidied them up earlier. Arghhh
I am going to put more seeds in a pot. If he knows I've put them in specially they should be safe, in theory.
Friday morning is John's holy morning. He goes on to Father Terence after me. We share a common frustration! I wondered this morning about trying to get a religious aspect to this.
Really John if God has seen fit to put the flowers there then who are we to strim them away? The only trouble is that he thinks he is God as far as gardens go.
I have explained to him that I value all flowers and that the wild flowers that proliferate in the hedgerows are not to be tidied. I have also told him that my grandma taught me about herbal medicine and that many flowers are useful as well as beautiful. He just looks at me and shakes his head. I wonder what he'd do with the marijuana the birds sometimes plant around here?

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  1. He sounds bit of a curmudgeon, perhaps if his own garden was decimated he might be more helpful.

  2. Harvest some of the marijuana and put it in his coffee and while he is still 'high' tell him in terms he will never forget to leave your wild flowers alone!

  3. Hello Jean – I sympathise! Working in a city I see wild flowers growing through gaps in the concrete adding some beauty to the city – at least for a while until council workmen are actually paid money to come and spray weed-killer on them!

  4. Weed killers are even worse than strimming! I've just come from a stroll and in the hedge are wild roses, pink campion, blue bells, fuschias and foxgloves. We are so lucky and John would kill the lot! I'd love to see him high but it would probably make him even more intent on destruction.